I Get Why People Go Crazy & Run Naked…It Was Me!

Me losing it!

May 11th.

It was the morning of my 40th birthday.

I couldn’t even bring myself to get out of bed.

I was filled with an overwhelming, soul-crushing sense of failure.

I was so sad.

I thought my life was half over, and I was nowhere close to achieving my dreams.

I was 40, and I felt as if I had no control over my own life.

I tried to tell myself that I should be happy.

I had two wonderful sons.

I had a loving husband, and we had a decent life.

However, I hated it, with all my heart, from my tip toes to the end of my longest hair on my head.

I felt complete burnout but didn’t know how to get out.

The thought of having to continue with it for another 20 years was astronomically repulsive, causing me to want to vomit every time I thought of that horrendous possibility.

We had gotten used to our lifestyle; knew we couldn’t go back to working for someone else; and the fear of not being able to provide the life our kids deserved was paralyzing.  I knew it was up to me change it, but how?

What did I really want?

I couldn’t go back to being a cog in the soul crushing wheel of a Fortune 500 company.

I had been self-employed for too long and was now completely unemployable, on top of being miserable.

My business continued to control me and I began associating my husband with it.

I had finally gotten to the point where I just wanted out.

Did I want ‘out’ of just the business or was it from my marriage too?

He refused to sell until we had another viable business or income stream – he’s so damn practical.

I was done being practical and was willing to live in a tent if need be.

Based on this reality, I began to blame my husband for our situation and the self-inflicted entrapment.  I loved him with all my heart but my depression and absolute need for escape was beginning to take over.

It became easily understandable to me why people crack and run naked through their neighborhood.  It’s to escape their reality…and stripping is a form of freedom.  Humm, the thought did enter my mind to try it.  I was definitely ‘cracking’!

There have been times when something took over my mind and words I shouldn’t say did come out, hurting the one’s I loved the most.

My journey in search of a new direction began.

I stopped watching TV and wasting the time I had, and began devouring self-improvement books written by top psychologists and thought leaders.  I watched every expert and guru available on Youtube.  Then that wasn’t enough so I started going to seminars.

I even went to a hypnotherapist for the first time.

I began to use what I was learning to change my mindset.

I was invited to a business seminar where I met a brain science expert.  He intrigued me further about the power of the brain, and how we can use it to accomplish unbelievable heights, squashing out once perceived obstacles and challenges. I ordered his book as soon as I returned home.  I used the suggestions he made to change my thought patterns and beliefs.  I quickly realized the power of the brain and began studying everything I could about how to use our brain power, aka Neuroplasticity.

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It was clear, I was on to something life changing.

Through Neuroplasticity I have learned more control and calmness.  My husband has expressed many times how he recognizes and appreciates this change!

On the other side of my breakdown, came my breakthroughs.

My husband and I have been able to come out stronger emotionally and physically, as a couple.

Soon we were the couple others looked to when they were experiencing challenges.

My advice consistently worked, and it was based solely on what my husband and I did to keep things going.

Everything began to click.

It became clear to me that I had a gift to share with helping couples achieve a happier life together, paired with the vast amount of knowledge and education I had learned along my journey to a better life.

Today, I am achieving unbelievable goals (I would never have thought them possible 5 years ago), living an incredibly fulfilling and exciting life, and will share it all with you; plus save you year’s of time.

I will show you how to reach into your subconscious, using modern techniques involving positive affirmations, the latest in Neuroscience, and Neuroplasticity, to make your transformation the easiest and more permanent.

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