Can You Think Your Way Rich?

Have you ever felt like someone is sucking the life from you due to their negative attitude? Well, they are! This article explains how a negative attitude affects us. It goes further to show how modern brain science – Neuroscience, has uncovered incredible evidence into how we have the power to transform our thinking, to achieve goals for ourselves, that we once believed impossible. It all starts with positive thinking.

Affect of a Positive vs. Negative Mental Attitude

Do you have a tendency to criticize others?  When something doesn’t go your way do you blame others or things out of your control?  Do you see the glass half-empty or half-full?  The way you answered the questions above may be an indicator of your mental attitude.  Gossiping, blaming others, not looking for the positive in situations, are all examples of negative thinking.  We are all guilty of this to some extent BUT the more we take responsibility and the more we look for positives in situations, the healthier, more resilient, less stressed, and more successful we’ll be. There is an abundance of scientific studies that prove the importance of a positive attitude and the ill effects of negative thoughts.

Neuroplasticity – Our Ability to Control and Change Our Brain

The great news is we have the ability to transform our thought patterns through Neuroplasticity. This science shows the brain alters and changes continually throughout our entire life.  What this means is, regardless of our current belief system, we can manipulate our brain to change habits, beliefs, and behaviors.  An example of this is a person who has always believed they’re terrible at math. He can come to believe and make it a reality, that math is simple for him.  Another example is with income.  Most of us have a pre-set, unconscious belief of how much money we can earn.  I came from a middle-class family.  My father was a high school teacher and my mother a stay at home mom.  My father spoke often of the greed of the ‘rich’ and how unrealistic it was to gain extreme wealth.  His teachings, subconsciously, set a financial ceiling in my mind, that would not allow me to become wealthy.  I never wanted to be ‘greedy’, therefore, I should never be wealthy, was my thought.  See how this works?  It wasn’t until I came to this realization and learned the techniques to overcome this mindset, that I began to see my income break through the mental ceiling.  I now believe it’s how you choose to use your wealth that matters.  Greed was never my motivator but the ability to have financial freedom and contribute to improving the lives of others’ has become my association with wealth.

In his widely-acclaimed book, The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science, Norman Doidge M.D. states that the brain has the ability to rewire itself and/or form new neural pathways, as long as we do the work. Just like exercise, the work requires repetition and activity to reinforce new learning.

How to change your mindset?

There are many ways to alter your belief system to form a new set of truths for yourself.  Here are just a few to research:

•Positive Affirmations:  this is the easiest and can be implemented the fastest

Check out my  FREE workshop for the ‘Live Sexy Accelerated Relationship System‘ for strategies you can use.

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