What is a Real Man?

Definition of a true gentleman. Advice for men on how to live.

The following article was written by an amazing man I met.  He exemplifies what he speaks of below; what a true gentleman is.

A man … I mean a real man … In all of his amazing glory. In all of his authenticity. In all of his masculinity. In all of his power and strength. This is the kind of man that a real woman wants, right? So what is that? And how do you be that man?

It may seem like we are a culture of Neanderthals and spineless wimps. There certainly are plenty of each of those and everything in between. And there is also a renaissance of the REAL MAN. The guy who is searching for more. The guy who knows there is a dance between kick-ass and tenderness. A song between speaking your mind and listening with presence. This is the Real Man. The one that deep down in his core he knows, he needs to be. The one who lives without apology of all that he is and anything that he isn’t. Learning from his past, reaching for a better future, and living in the moment. He strives to be healthy, fit, and strong – in body, mind and spirit.

The Real Man comes from love. Everything he does is filtered through the heart place of love. His intention is to help others grow. To show you the beauty within yourself even when you cannot see it. He lends a helping hand when you have fallen down. Because he knows that we all fall down. The Real Man is not perfect and he understands that nobody else is either. He appreciates you with all of your perfect flaws and imperfections. He steps up and owns his failings and this is what makes him strong. He comes from a place of understanding and not judgment. He expects more from you because he expects the best from himself.

So what is a Real Man like? He is confident, but not arrogant. He is powerful and gentle. He looks into your eyes as if he is seeing your soul. He will admit when he is wrong, but does not seek accolades when he is right. He is highly driven, but not attached. He is present with everyone he meets. A Real Man is strong. Helpful. Charismatic. Kind. Friendly. Decisive. Chivalric. He is complete on his own, but is better with you.

His career is his passion. So it is never work, but a labor of love. And when his lady or his little boy or baby girl interrupt is work, he stops everything and becomes present with you as if you are the most important person in the world. Because you are! He gives back to the community and supports others on their path of growth and understanding. He will call you out on your trash and support you when you go out of your comfort zone. He is decisive and clear with his words and his actions. When he says yes, he means it and when he says no, he means that too. But a gentle kiss and a soft I love you from his lady will often persuade him.

A real Man is looking for a deeper level of love. Not just any relationship, “Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, all consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.” He doesn’t want a woman he is willing to die for. He wants a woman he will live for. He will always make you feel safe in your life, and confident in your relationship. He cooks an amazing dinner and then makes love to you by candlelight. He keeps his eyes open because he wants to see you in all of amazing glory and connects soul-to-soul when you climax.

He is in love with his life. In all of its glory, happiness and adventures. In all of its imperfections and challenges. He always finds the good in every situation. He is an eternal optimist and an endless romantic. Not only for love, but also for life. This is a REAL MAN.

To Life … To Love … To living!

© Croix Sather

Are you a Real Man?

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